Case Study: North Coast Refrigeration & Electric

California licensed contractor goes paperless with M-Files document management

NCR&E eliminates dependency on paper with M-Files document management

For years, North Coast Refrigeration and Electric (NCR&E), a California licensed contractor, utilized a paper-based system to manage documentation associated with their commercial and residential customers.  This outdated system created numberous inefficiencies as only one resource in the field had access to the physical customer folder at a time. 

In this success story, learn how M-Files document management transformed the way NCR&E does business by creating a centralized document repository that is accessible from any workstation in or outside of their office eliminating their dependancy on paper and improving productivity.

Daniel Maas, Owner - North Coast Refrigeration and Electric, Inc.

Daniel Maas

Owner | North Coast Refrigeration and Electric, Inc.

"We store all of our documents in M-Files. This includes our accounting documents, like accounts receivable, invoices, payables as well as our job information, such as orders, estimates and contracts. All project information, even photos of the work site, go into M-Files."

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