Case Study: Little Giant Ladder Systems

Convertible ladder manufacturer indexes graphic files to keep track of marketing assets

Metadata-based document management makes storing, retrieving and sharing files easy.

Little Giant Ladder Systems faced a common problem shared by countless organizations worldwide.  The manufacturer's marketing department struggled to find an effective means of storing and organizing mulitple versions of graphic assets so they could be easily retrieved for later use.  With thousands of JPEGs, PDFs and videos - each in a multitude of file formats, resolutions, and compression settings - it made for an extremely time consuming process to locate specifically needed files.  

In this case study, learn how Little Giant implemented M-Files metadata-driven document management to not only make the process of finding the right file instantaneous, but also allowing them to securely share these marketing resources with their network of dealers across the country. 

Amber Moss - Marketing Coordinator, Little Giant Ladder Systems

Amber Moss

Marketing Coordinator | Little Giant Ladder Systems

“M-Files is great, it only takes me five seconds to find a specific file among thousands.”

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