Case Study: Bentley Instruments

Smoothing the Transition to ISO 9000 with Effective File Control

Document management is critical to effective ISO 9000 certification compliance.

ISO 9000 certification can open the door to new foreign markets for manufacturers, but with certification comes new documentation requirements that can be overwhelming to manage.  This was the case at Bentley Instruments, a company specializing in the development, manufacturing, and worldwide distribution of analytical instruments for the testing of milk and milk products.

In this success story, learn how Bentley Instruments found a simple way to store, share, and retrieve ISO 9000 standards documentation across their entire organization using M-Files.

Henrik Lyder - Principal, Bentley Instruments

Henrik Lyder

Principal | Bentley Instruments

“Initially, we were keeping all our ISO 9000 manuals and instructions in 3-ring binders and folders. More would come in and after a while we had a lot of loose leaf paperwork lying around. Through the process of becoming certified, we realized we didn’t have adequate control of our paper flow.”

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