Case Study: Tampere Adult Education Centre

TAKK eliminates content chao using M-Files for centralized information management solution

Case Study: TAKK uses M-Files to eliminate content chaos

Like many organizations, the Tampere Adult Education Centre (TAKK) suffered from content chaos. Responsible for the administration of 15,000 students and over 300 staff members, TAKK struggled with finding where relevant documents and information were stored, who last modified these assets, and when located, were they indeed the most recent versions. In this case study, learn how TAKK addressed content chaos by selecting the M-Files enterprise information system.

“M-Files has considerably improved the manageability of our documents, and people can now find the precise information they’re looking for much faster.  Also, the document version management capabilities are a significant benefit to everyone. The system has enabled everyone at TAKK to become more efficient and productive."

Ilkka Niskanen
Information Service Manager, TAKK

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