Working at M-Files

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Tom Humm

Customer Success Engineer

Their story

Tom works with the Customer Success team to support, structure and facilitate engagements with customers. Others were more defined with the existing environment and on engagements with small customers. He works to understand their needs and walks them through the progression of the implementation process. Tom really likes what he does. He enjoys working with customers and understanding their needs and the technical implications. He likes that he is able to be creative in coming up with ideas to build something. He thrives with a lot of variabilities going from simple to complex engagements.

Sharron Miller

Channel Development Manager

Their story

Her role has changed considerably since she started over two years ago, and she is now working with Channel Partners in North and South America. The goal for her position is to help the Partners to grow and move to the next level. Sharron most enjoys that she gets to work with a wonderful team of people. The collaboration and camaraderie is fantastic at M-Files. She said that her colleagues look forward to going to work and that they work very well together to move the company forward.

Anssi Hilden

Senior Cloud Specialist

Their story

“I work in an expert position in the R&D Customer support at M-Files. My job comes with a lot of responsibility but it’s also absolutely fascinating. The challenging client environments, vast business sectors, different client organizations, and our cloud services have given me more and more problem-solving skills and tools I need in my work. I work with different people every day, and we speak in both Finnish and in English. I have worked with M-Filers since 2011,” says Anssi Hildén.

Johanna Rugemalira

Senior Consulting Unit Manager

Their story

“I spent the last years in my previous job working as an Account Manager and Project Manager. I started as a consultant at M-Files in 2014, which was basically a fresh start for me. I wanted to learn the ins and outs of the product and this was a perfect opportunity to do so! What I like the most about my job is how M-Files can be used by all types of companies, making each client visit unique and my job more varied. Our team is top-notch too and I love working with my friendly and skilled colleagues. We work together and help and support each other in different projects and client work whenever needed,” says Consulting Unit Manager Johanna Rugemalira.

Pekka Kovamäki

Head of Sales, Manufacturing and Engineering

Their story

“I love being a part of M-Files! I’ve had the privilege of seeing us grow in the past few years, not only in terms of our R&D but also in terms of the number of customers. The high points of my working days are when I get to offer our customers REAL solutions that help develop their business operations. Our customers from many different industries and the opportunities to challenge myself give me that extra spark for work,” says Pekka Kovamäki.

Jonathan Boyman

Customer Success Manager, UK

Their story

“I have worked in the Information Management industry for 15+ years now. I joined M-Files as a project manager and later pre-sales consultant before being appointed as Customer Success Manager for the United Kingdom. It’s a new function for us and a very welcome one, lots to do helping our customers be more successful with M-Files and working with everyone in the UK from the myriad of teams that work as part of our sales efforts into service delivery. I love the dynamism and passion of the people I work with, it’s never hard to extol the virtues of our culture and evangelize our customer success centric approach. My not so secret weapon is a love of coffee, if you catch me on a call soon expect a colourful array of mugs.”

Päivi Yli-Olli

Head of UX Design

Their story

“I’ve been working at M-Files since year 2012. My areas of responsibility are user experience and cosmetic appearance. I love the fact that the results of my work can be seen by our customers and users. We have a small and efficient team with a fantastic team spirit. I’m surrounded by talented individuals and not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new,” says Päivi Yli-Olli.

Tuukka Toivonen

Software Architect

Their story

“I work in the mobile development team at M-Files. My team and I make sure that M-Files works on all major mobile OSs on phones and tablets. For me, it’s a success whenever we introduce a big feature to the mobile apps,” says Tuukka Toivonen. “The best things about my job are the talent we share, the awesome coworkers, and the team spirit. I haven’t had a single boring day at M-Files.”

Joni Käki

Technical Advisor

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“I started in 2011 as a systems specialist and now work in a senior position in the consulting unit. I mainly make integrations between customer systems and M-Files. The best thing about my job is the variety in the customer projects. The flexibility of M-Files to meet most different challenges has opened many new doors. I love seeing how enthusiastic, supportive, and skilled everyone is here! M-Files is hands down the best employer I’ve ever had,” enthuses Joni Käki.

Anu Hyytiäinen

Senior Sales Executive

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“The rapid development of the M-Files technology, introducing its benefits to our clients, positive client feedback, and the extremely innovative team of colleagues I have are the best things about my job. Better still, we use M-Files too so that makes my job in sales even easier and faster. I can’t express how great the mobile UI is! Needless to say, I can honestly recommend M-Files to our customers,” exclaims Anu Hyytiäinen, who’s worked in the Finland Sales unit since 2008.

Asko Saarenketo

Product Manager

Their story

Career path to the forefront of the IT sector: “I started at M-Files as a tester back in 2008. After that summer job, I worked as a software designer in customer projects. From there, I moved to working on Web Access and cloud services, and since 2013 I’ve been the Product Manager for the M-Files Cloud Vault. What I like the best about my job is that it allows me to have an impact on things and to work together with different teams on versatile projects, as well as the opportunities a growing company like ours can offer,” says Asko Saarenketo.

Antti Arvio

Senior Director, Ecosystem Development

Their story

“Together with my team, my key responsibilities at M-Files are the EMEA region channel sales and developing our partner network. We have over 400 partner companies and the number is going up steadily. It’s great being able to help them to grow and succeed together with M-Files. The same enthusiasm that’s characteristic of the M-Files team is evident in the words and actions of our partners. We have a fantastic product and I couldn’t be more proud of it,” says Antti Arvio.