Transition From Paper to Electronic Document Management with M-Files Desktop Scanning and OCR Capabilities

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Organizations with an electronic document management system in place operate at a vastly superior level of efficiency compared to those that still rely on paper files and folders. If you’re still managing documents in paper format, it’s time to stop using bulky file cabinets and impossible-to-search image scans and start capturing the real content of your documents with     M-Files.

With M-Files, you can turn paper documents into searchable electronic files by scanning your paper records and creating full-text searchable PDF files. Converting paper files to electronic format by scanning provides a more compact means of storage, universal access for retrieval, and higher levels of data security and privacy.

M-Files_desktop scanning

M-Files works with any scanner type, is compatible with the most popular file formats (including TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF), and enables you to scan directly to your M-Files vault. M-Files integrates seamlessly with a variety of capture, scanning and OCR solutions from vendors such as Kofax, PSIGEN and Nuance eCopy to give you maximum flexibility to implement the capture solution of your choice.

M-Files also offers advanced OCR (optical character recognition) extensions that make it easy and efficient to transform paper documents into fully searchable PDF files. When your content is searchable, you’re not limited to searching on just the file name — you can find information by searching on any text in the document.

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Watch the new M-Files video to learn more about how desktop scanning and OCR capabilities are powerful and efficient components of the M-Files document management system.

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Mika is in charge of managing and developing M-Files product portfolio, roadmaps and pricing globally. As a Director of M-Files Product Management Unit, he leads and supervises M-Files Product Managers and works closely together with M-Files Product Development and Marketing teams to design and develop new products and features leveraging his long experience with ECM and M-Files technology. Mika has executive MBA Diploma in International Business and Marketing.

4 Responses

  1. Dean says:

    My accounts team currently use Paperport to process and manage documents. It has a good scanning capabilities which allow us to process hundreds of paper invoices daily.
    Does M-Files have a similar capability?



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    • Matt Meigs says:

      Hi Dean,

      A core strength and common use case of M-Files is the ability to manage and process a large volume of invoices. Contact us at to learn more!


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  2. Manjit says:

    If I was looking to scan and file upto 30,000 back log of documents how would M – Files simplify the process??? We are looking at moving to an electronic DMS ……

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  3. Mika says:


    M-Files would simplify the scanning process by providing the OCR tools and integration with any scanner type, but more importantly you will realize the value of M-Files when you start managing these documents digitally. Metadata makes them much more accessible and you can organize the content by any attribute.

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