Software Shopping Tips for Document Management Systems, Part One

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Tip#1:  Avoid complications – look for Windows integration

Too many new IT schemes run into resistance when the staff views the program and new software procedures as too complicated.  If it takes too many steps out of their routine to save and look up files, employees will see a document management application not as a helpful tool but as a new and unwelcome intrusion on their day-to-day work.  More stubborn workers will just start saving files the old way, no matter how many training sessions you put them through.

Avoid document management software that acts like a standalone application, which requires its own launch and login.  Find a DMS that is seamlessly integrated with the Windows operating system as well as each of your applications.  A good DMS should interface with users at the same familiar points of access:  the Open and Save dialogue boxes inside applications, for example.  The file management system should also be able to utilize existing Windows user accounts and groups via Active Directory, so there’s no need to set up special accounts or to login twice.

The more tightly integrated the DMS is into your current work environment, the less users will have to change the way they work, and the less training they need to get started.

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