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Maximize Workflow and Business Process Efficiency with M-Files

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Every business has documents that require others in the organization to review and/or approve them, such as contracts, agreements and invoices, and with M-Files, you can streamline your organization’s important business processes and workflows, from simple document requests and updates, to advanced review and approval processes.

With the M-Files workflow feature, routine company tasks can be automated and task assignments can be given to the right persons at the right time – with no programming required. Once a task is assigned, the information and responsibility for completing a task are assigned to the correct user. An organization’s M-Files administrator can easily define workflows about task-related issues (i.e., reviews, approvals, signatures, etc…), and managers can monitor progress and approve completed tasks.

Workflows_M-Files enterprise content management

M-Files provides built-in assignment properties, and M-Files users defined as participants within specific workflows are notified via email during the stages of the workflow that they are associated with. It’s easy to see the status of documents or other objects, and processes can be advanced to the next step with a single click.

Leveraging the metadata-driven workflow capabilities of M-Files maintains consistency and quality in documentation and assures employees do not accidently skip a mandatory step in the process, or publish content to wide audience before it has been approved.

Find out how M-Files can improve your organization’s workflow by watching the new M-Files video.

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