M-Files Showcases Easy and Affordable Legal Document Management at LegalTech New York 2011

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If you’ll be in New York between January 31 to February 2, 2011, come visit Motive Systems at LegalTech 2011 at the Hilton New York Hotel. We’ll be showcasing M-Files and M-Files Cloud Vault, simple and secure solutions for managing the document-intensive processes inherent in legal practices and law firms at booth #2108.

M-Files is offered as both a cloud-based service and on-premise software solution. M-Files Cloud Vault is a new hosted document management service that enables any document to be tagged, organized and stored in the “cloud” for instant retrieval by simply typing in a tag, or any word contained in the document. Emails and scanned paper documents are fully supported.  With M-Files Cloud Vault, there’s no need to purchase or configure a server, so it is easy and fast to get up and running. M-Files Cloud Vault is extremely affordable, starting at less than $20 a month, per user, making this technology accessible to any law firm or legal practice. And as alluded to above, firms can also deploy M-Files as an on-premise solution if specific security and compliance policies require that certain documents remain behind the company firewall.

Why should law firms and legal practices consider implementing a document management system? Because they must be able to effectively organize and manage a myriad of legal documents, including client records, case files, contracts, pleadings, depositions, resolutions, legal research, emails, scanned paper documents, and so on. With M-Files, legal practitioners become more efficient and productive because the right documents are instantly available when needed. In addition, M-Files replaces the error-prone and time consuming manual procedures law firms often utilize to manage their documents with secure and automated processes.

Benefits of the M-Files Document Management System in Law Firms and Legal Practices

  • Support for any type of legal document : Any type of legal document or information is supported including forms, client records, case files, contracts, pleadings, depositions, resolutions, legal research, and so on.  In addition, generic business documents associated with the basic day-to-day operations of the practice can also be managed and tracked.  Email and paper documents are seamlessly supported, including integrated scanning with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for generating “full-text” searchable PDF files.
  • Always locate the right document instantly when it is needed: Once stored in M-Files all documents are indexed and searchable for instant retrieval, and access to the “right” document is assured due to M-Files’ integrated version history that always provides the most up to date version, as well as making older versions available, should they be needed. M-Files eliminates the need for chaotic and hard to manage Windows folders with a flexible method of classifying and organizing documents by any property or tag, such as client, matter, case, date, etc., literally any property can be defined and associated — or tagged — to any type of document.  No more searching for where to save a file, just save to the vault and tag.
  • A secure legal document repository accessible anytime, anywhere: M-Files provides the ability to easily set up permissions by document to ensure access only by authorized personnel; permissions can be set on an individual basis or by groups, such as “Visible Only to Partners” or “Read-Only to Everyone, Editable by Management.” And with support for Microsoft Active Directory, all existing Windows user accounts and groups are used to provide “single sign-on” access.  M-Files also maintains a complete log and audit trail making it easy to view and verify all document activity. Remote access is also supported should a document be needed when out of the office, and documents can be accessed offline even when no Internet access is available.
  • Automate document review and approval processes and eliminate paper: Improve efficiency and productivity by letting M-Files automate important processes such as contract review and approval and case filings, with policies, assignments and notifications for deliverables, deadlines and legal obligations.  Replace bulky filing cabinets and inefficient manual processes associated with handling paper documents with automated scanning, classification and workflow for dramatic improvements in productivity.

Learn more by watching our M-Files Legal Document Management YouTube video!

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M-Files dynamic content management solutions are revolutionizing the ECM market by transforming how businesses manage, secure and share information with a unique metadata-powered approach that organizes and processes content based on what it is, rather than where it resides. Thousands of businesses in over 100 countries use M-Files on-premise, in the cloud or in hybrid environments to improve productivity and quality, and to ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards, including companies such as SAS, Elekta and EADS.

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