M-Files Delivers Document Management Solutions to Companies in Industries with Demanding Regulatory and Compliance Requirements

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Most companies have a myriad of business documents they must manage – from budgets, proposals, and reports to presentations, HR documentation and spreadsheets. After its people, documents and information are the most critical assets of any business, yet the vast majority of organizations still rely on inefficient and antiquated manual methods for storing and managing such critical information.

Furthermore, companies in certain industries have a larger-than-average arsenal of documents they must manage (law firms and legal practices, Architectural , Engineering and Construction [AEC] firms, etc…), while others must maintain their business documents in very specific manner in order to maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations (accounting firms, healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical and life science companies, manufacturing firms, etc…).

The good news is that we’ve ensured that M-Files and M-Files Cloud Vault meet the document management needs of companies within specific industries, such as:

Each industry typically has specific types of documents, as well as processes for developing and managing those documents, that are unique to that industry, and often to the individual business. M-Files provides a highly configurable solution that enables it to be easily and quickly customized to meet the document management needs of a variety of businesses, from those with demanding regulations and standards compliance requirements such as medical, accounting, and manufacturing, to those that just need to get more organized to maintain profitability in tough economic times.

By maintaining a detailed audit trail of all document activity, and securely tracking such activity by individual, with support for electronic signatures, M-Files provides the controls necessary for companies to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations such as:

By offering a complete, hosted document management system at an affordable price, our vision is to make this technology accessible to any organization. If specific IT, security and/or compliance policies require that certain documents remain behind the company firewall, companies can deploy M-Files as an on-premise solution.

M-Files is proven technology that is in production use today at small medical practices and accounting firms, manufacturers, architects, engineering and construction companies, real estate firms, pharmaceutical companies, and businesses of all types who have improved their bottom line and customer satisfaction by getting control of their documents and business processes.

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M-Files dynamic content management solutions are revolutionizing the ECM market by transforming how businesses manage, secure and share information with a unique metadata-powered approach that organizes and processes content based on what it is, rather than where it resides. Thousands of businesses in over 100 countries use M-Files on-premise, in the cloud or in hybrid environments to improve productivity and quality, and to ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards, including companies such as SAS, Elekta and EADS.

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