M-Files 10.0 Redefines the “E” in ECM as “Easy” with User-Friendly Dynamic Content Management Focused on the Business User Rather Than IT

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We’re happy to announce that M-Files 10.0, the latest version of our dynamic content management solution that simplifies ECM by managing and processing content by what it is versus where it’s stored, is now available!

M-Files 10.0 Remedies Enterprise Content Management Complexity

M-Files 10.0 features a new user interface (UI) that provides quick and intuitive access to content on PCs, tablets and smartphones. We’ve redesigned the interface to be more instinctive, more useful — and it looks pretty darn cool too.

10_0 UI Screenshot (ID 128802)

M-Files 10.0 delivers the ECM industry’s simplest and most consistent user experience, which is based on our metadata- and search-driven UI, rather than the traditional folder and subfolder navigation scheme offered by other ECM solutions. Only          M-Files’ metadata-driven architecture classifies and manages documents and other content based on “what” it is versus “where” it is, allowing for better search, collaboration, compliance and security. In M-Files 10.0, unique information shows up dynamically, in context, wherever and whenever it is needed without duplication, thereby eliminating a host of common ECM and workflow issues.

Moving ECM from a Technology-centric Tool to a Business Solution

In my last blog post, I mentioned that “an effective ECM solution should give control back to the responsible business manager while freeing up IT resources, rather than requiring heavy involvement from the IT department,” and that’s what M-Files 10.0 delivers. ECM customers are demanding less-complex deployments that can quickly deliver results, and with M-Files 10.0, business problem owners are empowered with the ability to leverage information to meet their specific needs and requirements, versus relying on IT to customize and configure the solution for them.

M-Files 10.0 Addresses the Demands of Regulatory Information Management

M-Files 10.0 delivers a single solution for businesses with general content management needs AND demanding compliance requirements. Enhanced quality assurance and compliance management capabilities enable quality-intensive and regulated businesses to control and regulate document access, improve visibility and control revisions across multiple departments.         M-Files 10.0 makes it easy to improve quality management systems and meet certification mandates with document and process management capabilities and eSigning features that support strict quality and compliance requirements.

What’s New in M-Files 10.0

M-Files 10.0 can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud and in hybrid cloud environments, and offers a variety of new features and enhancements to increase performance, reliability, productivity and efficiency, including:

  • A new and more intuitive user interface for all platforms, including Windows, Web and Mobile Access. The M-Files 10.0 UI gives a 360-degree view documents and processes and the interrelationships that exist between content and other objects (e.g., an invoice linked to a purchase order, account, project, etc.).
  • Improvements to M-Files Mobile Access, such as enhanced support for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone devices and tablets. The new and optimized mobile user experience provides easier and more intuitive navigation, improved task management with support for electronic signatures, and more.
  • A redesigned metadata card with a new interface that simplifies entering and editing metadata, makes saving documents and other content easier and faster, and provides enhanced support for electronic forms.
  • Metadata structure replication that allows metadata structure to be easily applied to multiple repositories to support interaction and cooperation in a variety of deployment scenarios.
  • A redesigned social commenting feature with the ability to follow documents, customers, projects and other objects, enabling users to receive automatic notifications of new and changed content.
  • Optimized support for the Windows Azure cloud platform providing superior cloud and hybrid cloud performance and reliability.
  • A new M-Files Cloud Vault Subscription Management Portal providing easy-to-use enhancements that enable administrators to add new licenses and users, change license types and user details, reset passwords, and more.
  • The ability to create a separate development vault environment for metadata structure testing and QA purposes prior to production use. This closed environment enables the testing of new configurations, so validated implementations can be seamlessly rolled out to production. This feature is particularly valuable in regulated environments.
  • Strict compliance safeguards that ensure processes are followed, records are stored for the required amount of time, and necessary audit processes are enforced.
  • A number of improvements to the UI Extensibility Framework enabling rich and comprehensive customization of the M-Files user interface, which allows partners and customers to build custom applications with their own branding.
  • Enhanced integration with other business systems, including SharePoint, and a variety of CRM and ERP solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.

For a complete list of new features and capabilities in M-Files 10.0, click here.

M-Files offers a new approach to ECM called dynamic content management, and with M-Files 10.0, we’ve continued to expand our leadership position in leveraging metadata to deliver information management capabilities that simply aren’t possible with the folder-based solutions offered by other ECM vendors.

If you’ve had the opportunity to try-out M-Files 10.0, please tell us what you think about it by posting a comment below!

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Greg is the vice president of marketing at M-Files Corporation, where he oversees worldwide marketing initiatives and manages M-Files’ North American operations. Prior to M-Files, Greg served as CEO of Alibre, Inc., a 3D CAD/CAM software vendor, as well as Vice President of Marketing for Knowledge Revolution, an engineering software vendor acquired by MSC Software. He also co-founded AccelGraphics, a 3D graphics hardware provider that grew to IPO in three years and was the eighth fastest growing public company in Silicon Valley in 1997. Greg holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

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  1. Ram Prasad says:

    The current process requires users to enter relevant metadata. Sure, you have made it easier in the latest release but you still have to select the metadata. Could you not attempt to automatically detect as much metadata as possible from the file metadata and textual content ? This could supplement the manual entry (which can be made optional). This will improve usability of software and is more in line with user workflow with M-Files working in the background. This feature may not be 100% accurate, but the manual approach is not 100% accurate either and I suspect that a good metadata identification engine could be made more accurate than the manual approach

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