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Granville County Improves Response Times to Public Information Requests with M-Files

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The County of Granville in North Carolina provides a wide array of services to its citizens including health and public safety, human and social services, environmental management, recreation and cultural opportunities, education and economic development. Not only does each department produce a significant amount of documentation, but each one has different procedures and requirements for information retrieval and storage.

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“We were utilizing a paper file-based system, which not only was inefficient, but also required us to dedicate physical space for storage,” said Michael Felts, Finance Director at the County of Granville. “Furthermore, when it came time for us to dispose of documents and records, we had to take paper files to the landfill and witness the documents being burned or buried. As you might imagine, this process was highly unproductive.”

The County of Granville worked with DATANET, an IT sales and service firm with experience working with municipal government entities, to help them move from its outdated paper-based approach to M-Files.

Faster Access to Information Enables the County to Respond Quickly to Public Information Requests

The County of Granville receives information requests on a regular basis, both from governing boards as well as from its citizens. In the past, responding to these requests would entail searching for documents in file cabinets and network file folders, which was a time-consuming and inefficient process.

“Not only do our governing boards want more details, but citizens are paying more attention to civil affairs than they have in the past, which has led to more information requests that our office must fulfill. M-Files helps us facilitate these requests in a faster and more efficient manner,” said Felts.

County staff can now quickly find and access information requested by internal and external entities, typically in just a few short minutes. The advanced search capabilities in M-Files enables County employees to store and manage documentation in a manner that allows them to conduct a simple keyword search in order to quickly find the files they need.

“I may not know the check date or vendor spelling, but I can use a keyword search to find what I’m looking for quickly. Prior to M-Files, there was no way we could respond while on the phone with the person making the request. Now with M-Files, we can often facilitate this in a few moments while on the phone. What may have been a 30-minute process before now takes 5-10 minutes,” added Felts.

“The flexibility of M-Files is great — it can serve the diverse needs of our various County departments, and it didn’t require a big capital investment.”

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