Ensuring Strong User Adoption of Your Enterprise Content Management System

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Greg smallDeploying an enterprise content management (ECM) system won’t deliver the ROI you’re expecting if your employees are resistant to using the system correctly and consistently. In fact, Gartner research indicates that more than 20% of ECM deployments are rejected because they’ve been deemed “unpleasant” to use. “Unpleasant” being a polite euphemism for something that is often much worse. There are a number of reasons why your employees may resist using an ECM solution, but the most common are:

  • Resistance to change
  • Fear of making a mistake
  • Lack of necessary technical skill

The following tips can help you prepare your employees for a successful implementation and ensure your company maximizes its ECM investment:  

Keep It Simple

Technology skills vary widely in most organizations. For employees who are limited in their technical skills, the thought of having to learn and use an ECM system for the first time can be overwhelming. To help motivate your staff toward consistent use of your ECM solution, choose one that is easy to learn and simple to use by even nontechnical users. Many ECM systems are complex and require a significant amount of end user training, so placing ease of use among your top selection criteria is critical. And as an added bonus, even your technical users will appreciate this one.

Show Users the Benefit

The most rapidly-adopted and successful solutions will be seen by users as a tool that makes their jobs easier. As team members find that it is easier to quickly locate the latest version of the information they need, documents no longer get lost, which eliminates redundant work and recreation of data. When users see first-hand that the ECM system is a direct benefit to them and to the organization as a whole, they will enthusiastically embrace it.

Back It Up and Maintain Version Histories

Losing critical work, or worse, creating new information based on outdated information, is a common concern anytime new systems and processes for managing business documentation are put into place. Your ECM system should include automated backup and restore capabilities along with version control that makes it easy to step back to previous versions of documents.


Have users embraced or resisted your organization’s ECM system? We’re happy to report that a customer satisfaction survey administered by Innolink Research revealed that organizations that have deployed M-Files experience strong user adoption rates. According to the survey:

  • Over 97% of respondents say that M-Files has eased information finding in their work
  • 96% of respondents would recommend M-Files to their colleagues
  • 95% of decision-makers are satisfied with M-Files
  • 88% of respondents said they use M-Files for daily document management in their organization

Contact us to learn how M-Files takes the hassle out of managing, finding and tracking information and processes via a Windows-based interface that your employees are already familiar with.

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Greg is the vice president of marketing at M-Files Corporation, where he oversees worldwide marketing initiatives and manages M-Files’ North American operations. Prior to M-Files, Greg served as CEO of Alibre, Inc., a 3D CAD/CAM software vendor, as well as Vice President of Marketing for Knowledge Revolution, an engineering software vendor acquired by MSC Software. He also co-founded AccelGraphics, a 3D graphics hardware provider that grew to IPO in three years and was the eighth fastest growing public company in Silicon Valley in 1997. Greg holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

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