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M-Files can help any medical facility become truly paperless

Oregon Public Radio recently explored the new policies behind President Obama’s stimulus strategy to encourage medical facilities to get rid of their paper file folders and move into electron health records.  Read the whole radio transcript.

It describes the new policy this way:  “The Obama administration is using both a carrot and a stick to get those facilities into the digital age.  The stick is that the government will eventually reduce its Medicare payments to providers that don’t switch.”

“The carrot is that the government is offering cash to help providers with some of the costs of buying electronic systems. But those grants will get smaller as time passes.
The not-so-subtle message? Get onboard — now.”

The report also looks at the problem many rural doctors face, whose small practices may have a lot of folders, but don’t have a lot of IT resources. Inland Northwest Health Systems provides a sort of co-op of electronic medical record subscriptions to rural doctors scattered across the Northwest, allowing doctors to share IT infrastructure and keep costs down.

The M-Files document management system is in many ways the perfect complement to a new patient history database and also a way to build efficiency without a lot of IT maintenance.  Tied into the remote records, M-Files allows medical facilities to place all paperwork – not just patient history, but insurance, financial, billing, and reference materials — in a digital environment, instantly retrievable through patient name.  And for individual doctor practices, M-Files is ideal to keep IT costs to a minimum.  In fact, a single copy is free: available for download here.

Dr. Stephen Smith, who runs the single-physician practice NW Healthcare & Wellness in Washington, shows how M-Files has revolutionized his office.  Read how M-Files works in tandem with his MediSoft database to create an efficient, completely paper-free practice.

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