Boost Collaboration by Authoring Documents Simultaneously in M-Files

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All ECM systems support library services where document version conflicts are prevented with check-out and check-in features. These features ensure that everyone can find the latest version of the document in the system and that the version history is maintained automatically.

However, the main shortcoming of this approach is that if multiple users need to edit the document, each user needs to wait for their turn to make edits.

Next generation ECM solutions, such as M-Files, are taking document collaboration to a new level by allowing teams to work with the same document simultaneously, but in a controlled manner.


M-Files facilitates co-authoring by leveraging Microsoft SkyDrive and Office. This allows both internal employees and external users to access and modify the same document simultaneously.

See how this works in our new Co-Authoring video!

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Mika is in charge of managing and developing M-Files product portfolio, roadmaps and pricing globally. As a Director of M-Files Product Management Unit, he leads and supervises M-Files Product Managers and works closely together with M-Files Product Development and Marketing teams to design and develop new products and features leveraging his long experience with ECM and M-Files technology. Mika has executive MBA Diploma in International Business and Marketing.

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