Security Advisories

Detailed information on public vulnerabilities in M-Files products

CVE-2022-2680916-04-2022Remote Procedure Call Runtime Remote Code Execution Vulnerability and M-FilesM-Files Server/Desktop/Classic Web/VNEXT/Mobile
CVE-2022-2296501-04-2022Spring Framework RCE and M-FilesM-Files Server/Desktop/Classic Web/VNEXT/Mobile
CVE-2021-41809 01-17-2022 SSRF VulnerabilityM-Files Server version before 22.1.11017.1
CVE-2021-4180801-17-2022 Information disclosureM-Files Server version before 21.11.10775.0
CVE-2021-4180701-17-2022Lack of rate-limitingM-Files Server version before 21.12.10873.0
M-Files Web version before 21.12.10873.0
CVE-2021-4422812-14-2021Log4j and M-FilesM-Files Server/Desktop/Classic Web/VNEXT/Mobile
CVE-2021-3725312-03-2021Denial of ServiceM-Files Classic Web
CVE-2021-3725410-27-2021Information Disclosure VulnerabilityM-Files Web
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