Real Estate

Process documents like contracts, sales reports, surveys, appraisals, titles, leases and more – quickly and effectively.

Real estate document management

Increase efficiency - and close sales more quickly - with M-Files

The real estate industry moves quickly – and now your company can keep up better than ever with M-Files, the only document management solution that makes it easy for real estate professionals to organize, manage and track important real estate documents.

Top Benefits for Real Estate

All your documents in one place

With M-Files, documents like offers, contracts, comparable sales reports, surveys and appraisals, titles, disclosures, loan agreements, leases and more can be managed and accessed from just one place – using any criteria you choose.

Automate review and approval

Make the process for offers, contracts, disclosures and other important real estate documents go more smoothly than ever with M-Files’ automation capabilities.

Close more deals, faster

By eliminating your dependence on manual processes and paper documents, you can increase transactions speed, decrease mistakes and get your deals closed faster – all at a lower cost.

Anytime, anywhere access

M-Files makes it easy to access information on the go using your notebook PC or mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. And with the offline features of M-Files you can even access important documents without an Internet connection.

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