Manage electronic healthcare records affordably – and stay compliant.

Make your medical practice more successful than ever with M-Files – the document management solution that supports HIPAA.

Effectively organize, manage and track documents and records for your medical practice or other healthcare organization with M-Files, the electronic healthcare records management system that works with your existing workflow.

M-Files can organize and manage paper or electronic medical records and documents generated from the time patients complete admittance forms through their entire experience: interactions with physicians and other providers, transcription of physician notes, medical coding to billing, insurance, and other healthcare operations.

Top Benefits for Medical Professionals

ECM HIPAA Complicant Record Management
ECM for Electronic Medical Records Management

Convert paper documents

Quickly scan and convert paper documents to electronic form with M-Files. With our OCR extension, scanned files can even become full-text searchable PDFs. Once scanned, all files can be managed within one centralized system.

ECM Metadata Record Management

Easily define the way documents and information are organized

M-Files provides a very flexible method of classifying and organizing documents by any criteria such as by patient, procedure, physician or date. Literally any property can be defined!

ECM for HIPAA Records Compliance

HIPAA compliant

M-Files supports compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) by providing multiple layers of security including usernames and passwords, data encryption, and access permissions on a per-document basis.


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