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The M-Files OEM Program provides software vendors and technology providers a simple approach to integrate M-Files into their own software solutions to provide more flexible and proven document and content management capabilities, or use M-Files as an add-on module to their existing product offering.

Top Partner Benefits

  • Drive new revenue sources
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Optimized performance

DMS OEM Solutions

Once you become a partner, we enable you to market and sell your 'Powered by M-Files' solution with everything you need.

Program requirements are simple for all OEM partners -- we will work with you to quickly qualify your specific needs and guarantee a customized solution built under your corporate brand can be brought to market in 60 to 90 days at most.

Integrated CRM Document control

Thousands of Integration Options

M-Files Corporation has invested millions of dollars in developing M-Files, a world-class document management platform. We have become a technology leader in the document management market and focus on a deployment architecture ideal for application integration. Typical M-Files OEM partners range from ERP and CRM software vendors that integrate M-Files for seamless document management purposes to software and information providers that integrate our technology with their own for specialized solutions that solve industry specific challenges, such as SOP handling for pharmaceutical companies or contract management for real-estate companies.

How We're Different

Managing documents in most common business applications is often an afterthought and is typically limited to one or more of the following capabilities:

  • Uploading individual files into a solution as part of a database record
  • Linking files from shared or network folders
  • Storing documents in a web-based folder hierarchy or online file sharing application

As a highly compelling alternative, we provide partners the option to integrate the M-Files solution with their own product providing out of the box, best in class document management features that are simple and easy to use.

Training, Consulting and more

As an OEM partner, you receive everything you need to offer your customers simple and powerful document management capabilities—from training and implementation services to promotion. By integrating M-Files award-winning document management system into your product or including it as an optional add-on module, you can bring your customers what they need most: simple, powerful and intuitive document management that anyone can use.

The M-Files OEM program is simple and easy to join. Our business-friendly, flexible licensing models allow you to bundle, add-on and host M-Files technology in or with your solutions and services, and we support everything from on-premise installations to Cloud and Hybrid deployment models.

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