Metadata-Driven Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Stop wasting time with inefficient file folders and start finding your documents the easy way.

Say goodbye to chaotic folders, for good.

Just like the physical filing folders and cabinets they were meant to replace, network folders are an outdated and difficult-to-navigate way to organize and manage documents.

Thankfully, now you have a better alternative with the M-Files folderless approach that allows you to search for and access files however you want – by client, project type, date, status or other criteria. It's completely dynamic, enabling you organize and display information how you need it, without the limitations of antiquated, static folder structure.

All you do is save to M-Files and tag the file with the properties you need, that's it. No more wandering through complex, hard-to-navigate folder structures, trying to guess where to save a file, with M-Files you just quickly describe what it is you are working on, and M-Files does the rest.

How can a folderless approach help you? Here are just a few ways:

  • Find what you want, when you need it – fast. Metadata-driven dynamic views look like folders so they are familiar, but they automatically and dynamically display documents and other information based on their associated properties or metadata, so you quickly find what you need, when you need it and where you expect it.
  • No duplicate files saved in different folders – you’ll always know you have the right version, because only that version is saved.
  • No duplicate files saved in different folders – the M-Files metadata-driven approach solves an intractable problem of folders: the need for files to exist in more than one location. With M-Files, the same document shows up where you expect it, in multiple places with no duplication. For instance, a document related to a customer and a project will show up in a View associated with the customer, the project, or both. And it is always the same unique document, not a copy.
  • Always find the most up-to-date version. With M-Files, since a single, unique document can show up wherever you need it without duplication, you always get the latest version by default, whether you are looking for document organized by customer, project, workflow state, etc. You can also easily access or revert to past versions at any time, and see who made past changes and when.

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