Electronic Document Management System Challenges


Overcoming EDMS Challenges: Getting Your Employees on Board

Deploying the perfect electronic document management system won't deliver the ROI you're expecting if your employees aren't using the system correctly and consistently. In fact, there are a number of reasons why some employees may resist a move to an EDMS:

  • Lack of necessary technical skill
  • Resistance to change
  • Fear of making a mistake

To ensure that your business maximizes its EDMS investment, follow these quick tips to prepare your employees for a successful implementation:

Keep It Simple

Technology skills vary widely in most organizations. For those employees who are limited in their technical skills, the thought of having to learn and use an electronic document management system for the first time can be overwhelming. To help motivate these employees toward consistent use of your EDMS, choose a system that is simple to use.

Since M-Files uses standard Windows commands that your employees already know, such as the File, Open, and Save commands in any Windows application, the system is highly intuitive and easy for even nontechnical users to understand.

For those employees who wish to explore the system in more detail, M-Files offers a collection of online tutorials in addition to the integrated help provided with the product. For more advanced training, M-Files provides both remote and on-site training options, along with online Flash presentations, technical tips and product documentation.

Show Your Users the Benefit

Your employees who are most involved in document handling are likely to be the ones who are most resistant to moving toward an electronic document management system. They have an established routine and comfort level with their paper-based document handling processes or using traditional network folders to store electronic documents. Some may be concerned that documents will be lost; others may worry that it will take longer to get their work done each day due to a new set of processes to follow with a new EDMS system.

While your EDMS has clear advantages for your business, the most rapidly adopted and successful solutions will be seen by the users as a tool that makes their jobs easier, so they see the EDMS as benefitting them at the same time that it delivers benefits to the business. When the solution is received this way, there is no need to "sell" your employees on the new system or otherwise try to motivate them to use it - they already have the motivation. As team members find that it is easier to quickly locate the latest version of the information they need, documents no longer get lost, which eliminates redundant work and recreation of data. Furthermore, it is easier to share and collaborate with others without having to work harder to do it. When users see first-hand that the electronic document management system is a direct benefit to them and to the organization as a whole, they will enthusiastically embrace it. Most document management software doesn't work this way, so making ease of use and fast user adoption criteria for selecting your solution is critical.

Back It Up

Losing critical work, or worse, creating new information based on outdated information, is a common challenge faced by most companies and a primary cause of inefficiency and lost productivity. Fortunately, your electronic document management system will directly address these issues and deliver immediate gains in productivity and quality. Your electronic document management system should come with automated backup and restore capabilities, along with version control that makes it easy to step back to previous versions of documents.

M-Files gives you complete control over document protection by giving you rich access permission control, version history, check-in and check-out, and change log features, so you can easily control document access, and always return to a previous version of a document when and if needed.

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