Powerful document management and enterprise content management, custom-fit for your industry.

Every industry can benefit from sound document and content management, but each has its own unique needs and challenges. That’s why M-Files has carefully researched and analyzed various industries to develop a flexible, configurable platform that meets the needs of all kinds of businesses.

When you choose M-Files for your document management or enterprise content management needs, you’ll get robust software backed by industry-specific features – so whether you work in manufacturing, medical or anything in between, M-Files fits your business seamlessly.

ECM Industry Solutions for manufacturing, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies.
ECM for Quality Management

Quality & Compliance

We work with manufacturing, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies around the world to improve compliance and quality control processes. More »

ECM Workflow Process Management

Business Processes

We specialize in applications that span multiple industries, such as CRM, Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), human resources and general "paperless" office needs. See how M-Files can streamline your business processes. More »

ECM for Professionals

Professional Services

If you offer professional services in accounting and financial services, architecture, engineering, construction, legal, medical/healthcare or real estate, M-Files can help. More »

ECM documentation & information

Knowledge Management

Improve your organization’s online collaboration, content management and data management capabilities with M-Files. More »  

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