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There are already thousands of happy M-Files users all over the world. Here are some of them.

Testimonial: PSK

PSK provides accounting, tax, and business consulting services to local and national clients. PSK uses M-Files to streamline document management and project management.

Testimonials, Financial Services
M-Files Testimonial - Ameritex

Testimonial: Ameritex

AmeriTex Machine & Fab, LLC designs, develops, manufactures and distributes metal products for a variety of industries ranging from telecommunications to petrochemicals.

Testimonials, Manufacturing
M-Files Testimonial - Barton & Loguidice

Testimonial: Barton & Loguidice

Barton & Loguidice is a New York-based company that provides engineering, environmental, planning, and landscape architecture services. Barton & Loguidice uses M-Files to handle document management and project management - specifically for providing external contacts with access to project documentation via M-Files web access.

Testimonials, AEC
M-Files Testimonial - eprentise

Testimonial: eprentise

eprentise is a software company that transitioned from Dropbox to M-Files for managing its internal documentation. The company is also using M-Files as its CRM system.

Testimonials, Technology
M-Files Testimonial - Idaho Milk Products

Testimonial: Idaho Milk Products

Idaho Milk Products is an industry leading milk processor.

Testimonials, Food & Beverage
M-Files Testimonial - INSIGHT Pharmaceuticals

Testimonial: INSIGHT Pharmaceuticals

INSIGHT Pharmaceuticals, LLC. is an innovative and fast–growing consumer products company that focuses on the over-the-counter (OTC) marketplace. At the heart of Insight’s new growth strategy is a dedication to building a dynamic presence in the women’s health and personal care category.

Testimonials, Life Sciences
M-Files Testimonial - Marco

Testimonial: Marco

Marco, a VARBusiness 500 company, enhances portfolio of voice, video and print offerings with M-Files Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions.

Testimonials, Professional Services
M-Files Testimonial - Muscatine Power and Water

Testimonial: Muscatine Power and Water

Muscatine Power and Water is in the energy sector and is using M-Files for general document management, project management and audit/compliance management.

Testimonials, Energy
M-Files Testimonial - Orion Associates

Testimonial: Orion Associates

Orion Associates is a management consulting company that provides financial, HR and training services. The firm is using M-Files for general document management, invoice processing and audit management. 

Testimonials, Financial Services
M-Files Testimonial - Pediatric Home Services

Testimonial: Pediatric Home Service

Pediatric Home Service provides comprehensive therapies and equipment to medically-complex, technology dependent children and adolescents. In addition to leveraging M-Files to better manage its marketing collateral, the company is also using us to manage their compliance-related documentation and to streamline its audit management processes.

Testimonials, Healthcare
M-Files Testimonial - Plasma-Therm

Testimonial: Plasma-Therm

Plasma-Therm uses M-Files for project management and for general document management purposes (organizing and managing proposals, scientific research documents, marketing documentation and other business-critical content). Plasma-Therm has integrated M-Files with their ERP system and leverages workflows and permissions management capabilities extensively.

Testimonials, Manufacturing
M-Files Testimonial - Stearns Bank

Testimonial: Stearns Bank

Stearns Solves ECM Sprawl. After a decentralized enterprise content management system led to document silos, Stearns Bank increased productivity and reduced risk with M-Files.

Testimonials, Financial Services

Boxer Property and M-Files

Boxer Property, a leading commercial real estate investment and management company, replaces their existing enterprise content management (ECM) system with M-Files for superior management of lease and tenant documentation.

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