Document Management Consulting Services

M-Files has extensive experience helping thousands of customers in a variety of industries.

Put our experience to work for you.

We have extensive experience helping thousands of customers in a variety of industries – and now, you can leverage that knowledge with our consulting services.

Let us assist you with rapidly setting up and configuring M-Files for your specific content and document management needs. We can customize your install by setting up automatic workflows that match your business’ needs, or connecting M-Files to an existing database such as a billing system, CRM and/or ERP application.

Our consulting services typically include:

  • Importing existing content from your legacy systems or from network drive
  • Defining metadata structure to maximize the efficiency benefits you get by adopting the system
  • Connecting to external databases such as a billing, CRM or ERP systems
  • Connecting to email servers for automatic email capture
  • Connecting to scanners for automated capture of scanned paper documents and OCR
  • Defining and implementing custom workflows

For more information on the consulting services, refer to the Terms and Conditions of M-Files Consulting Services.

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